7 Tips to End Your Envelope Struggles

4-np-env-sampler-np15096-cover_flatIt’s the start of the holiday season and that means one thing…holiday cards. Maybe some of you have been proactive little elves and already have yours signed and ready to mail, but for  others who may be just starting to think about them, there is one thing that can throw a monkey wrench into your plans pretty quickly. The envelope.

Here are 7 envelope tips:

Determine the envelope size before you design what goes into it. We can’t tell you how many calls we get with someone looking for an odd sized envelope to fit an odd sized card that has already been designed, or worse, already printed. The result is usually compromising for an envelope that is too big for the card, which just looks like a sloppy afterthought.

Use a standard size envelope. These sizes are standard in the industry and are readily available in a variety of papers. A list of standard sizes is here.

Determine if the paper you want is available in an envelope. When you are ready to pick that perfect color of envelope, refer to your swatchbooks. Flip up the waterfall that displays all the colors and find the stocking information underneath. Look to see if the color and weight is available in an envelope. Not every color is always available in envelopes, especially darker colors.

Know how envelopes are packaged. This will help you determine the minimum you have to purchase. A-Style and Baronial Style envelopes are packaged 250/box and 1000/carton. That means you have to buy a minimum of 250 and in increments of 250. Commercial envelopes are packaged 500/box and 2500/per carton (500 is the minimum you can buy and in increments of 500). Other sizes, like square, catalog and booklet can be packaged differently by paper grade, so be sure to call your paper merchant beforehand. If you need a quantity under 250, purchasing online at sites such as Envelope.com is a great alternative.

Find out availability. Most of the time, the envelopes are already made and ready to ship. But depending on the grade and color, some may need to be manufactured first and then shipped. This will add time to your production schedule. If you need envelopes very quickly, ask your paper merchant for something they stock on the floor that you can get that day. Your options may be a bit more limited, but you will make your deadline.

Custom makes are available. If you need a special size in a special paper, we do have envelope mills that do custom makes. Minimum quantities start at 5000 and it can take a few weeks to manufacture so be sure to build that time into your production schedule. Also talk with your printer. They may have an envelope converter that purchases folio size sheets from the paper merchant and can manufacture envelopes for you.

Get the Neenah Envelope Sampler Tool. This wire-o book puts real, physical envelope samples at your fingertips including Commercial, A-Style, Baronial, Square, Booklet and Catalog. Each sample lists the size and dimensions for easy reference, postal guidelines and a glossary of terms. It even lists the number of days it takes to ship. Envelopes can be confusing and frustrating and this handy dandy tool takes out the guesswork and makes it so much easier!

Request your free copy of the Neenah Envelope Sampler Tool from your Field Paper Rep or our Customer Service today.