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Paper Textures that Create Impact


There’s no denying that at the heart of paper’s allure is its tactility. The feel of a texture delights the fingertips, sets a tone and enhances a design. In fact, neuroscience has found that the power of touch is so strong that it can shape perceptions, influence purchasing and increase memory recall. (See Millward Brown Study and Sappi “Neuroscience of Touch” videos to learn more.)

There are many textures available ranging from subtle to pronounced; sophisticated to rough hewn; scratchy to rubbery soft. To make finding that perfect texture a little easier, we put together a list of uncoated finishes and paper grade names. You also may want to request a copy of Neenah’s Down & Dirty Print Guide which shows how different textures will affect your printing results. Continue reading

French Paper’s Newest Promo…Past, Present and Future


If there is one mill that has changed the way the industry looks at paper – it is the French Paper Company. Their newest promo, “Past, Present and Future,” charts the company’s 140 year history next to major American landmarks events.  Here are some fun facts: Continue reading