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New Swatch and Additions to Neenah Design Collection

7-NP Design Collection Swatchbook NP16009-326

Neenah has released a new swatchbook for The Design Collection of specialty papers. Four  new grades have been introduced into the portfolio of papers renown for color, texture and high impact. You now have over 100 papers to choose from that are ideal for high-end brochures, identity materials, premium packaging, gift cards, direct mail, greeting cards and more. Continue reading

Neenah’s New “Feel, Think, Do” Printed Promotion

photo 4

Look at this little lovely that is available in our sample room…. Neenah’s “Feel, Think, Do” printed promo. Not only is it packed with fresh ideas of how to use their papers, but also it’s going to teach you a thing or two about why the tactility of paper has such a profound impact on perception, recall and the bottom line. (AKA… some factual ammunition to justify your paper choices to your client, account manager and boss.) Continue reading

Neenah Stardream

Nothing makes a printed piece look more special than metallic papers. Stardream, a former Gruppo Cordenons sheet now included in Neenah’s Design Collection, offers 30 twinkling colors that are sure to dazzle. Each color is available in 81# text and 105# cover as well as 19 different envelope sizes in all colors. You can choose to put a entire collection of collateral materials on metallic paper for a big effect or insert just a pop of bling on one element with a sharp and shiny envelope. And don’t be shy about printing 4-color photography on the lighter colored metallics. Photos aren’t going to appear as if they have been gilded in gold like a King Tut mask, but a well chosen photo and subject can be enhanced with an iridescent sheen. Beautiful imagery of water, architecture and automobiles take on another dimension when printed on these papers. Continue reading

The Wow Factor: Neenah’s New Design Collection

neenah-designcollection_11141163 Around the office we have come to call Neenah’s newest Design Collection swatchbook “The Big Book of Bling” as this is the book we turn to when a project calls for color, texture, metallics or that extra wow factor. Inside you will find updated Neenah grades which you may not have heard from in while plus the addition of six new grades that were formally part of Gruppo Cordenons. Continue reading