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New Swatch and Additions to Neenah Design Collection

7-NP Design Collection Swatchbook NP16009-326

Neenah has released a new swatchbook for The Design Collection of specialty papers. Four  new grades have been introduced into the portfolio of papers renown for color, texture and high impact. You now have over 100 papers to choose from that are ideal for high-end brochures, identity materials, premium packaging, gift cards, direct mail, greeting cards and more. Continue reading

Paper Textures that Create Impact


There’s no denying that at the heart of paper’s allure is its tactility. The feel of a texture delights the fingertips, sets a tone and enhances a design. In fact, neuroscience has found that the power of touch is so strong that it can shape perceptions, influence purchasing and increase memory recall. (See Millward Brown Study and Sappi “Neuroscience of Touch” videos to learn more.)

There are many textures available ranging from subtle to pronounced; sophisticated to rough hewn; scratchy to rubbery soft. To make finding that perfect texture a little easier, we put together a list of uncoated finishes and paper grade names. You also may want to request a copy of Neenah’s Down & Dirty Print Guide which shows how different textures will affect your printing results. Continue reading

Neenah Teton. The Paper with the Edge.


Teton is a grade you may have not heard about in a long while, but it has found its new home in the Neenah Design Collection swatch book. Its signature felt finish is complimented with a deckle edge, which is a torn edge look pictured above in white on an orange background. Deckle edges add visual flair to your printed piece and enhances a design theme…creating an air of formality, an old-world feel or a hand made look.  When working with a deckle edge, keep in mind that the deckle runs along the length of only two sides of the paper (in the direction of the grain) so careful consideration must be taken by the printer to determine the press sheet layout. There is potential for paper waste and designers should discuss the position of the deckle edge with their printer to maximize the best use of the paper. Continue reading

The Wow Factor: Neenah’s New Design Collection

neenah-designcollection_11141163 Around the office we have come to call Neenah’s newest Design Collection swatchbook “The Big Book of Bling” as this is the book we turn to when a project calls for color, texture, metallics or that extra wow factor. Inside you will find updated Neenah grades which you may not have heard from in while plus the addition of six new grades that were formally part of Gruppo Cordenons. Continue reading