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One Handy Tool…The “Down and Dirty” Print Book



Sometimes when selecting paper for your project, you may find yourself a little unsure how your design or printing technique is going to reproduce on the sheet. Sometimes you just pull the trigger and go for it, hoping it turns out like you have visualized in your head.  At other times, you need an actual printed sample to show the results and confirm you are on the right track. Our sample room is always full of a wide rage of printed samples to help in your paper decision process and there is one tool that we have found to be a “must have” in every printer and designer library…the “Down and Dirty Printing” book. Continue reading

New Finch Fine Swatchbooks Available

finch fine SBUpdate your cabinets with the new Finch Fine swatchbook. The cover looks identical to the old one so check the date on the back of the book to make sure it says 2014. If you have anything different…it’s time for a new one.

One big change to note in the Finch Fine Color Copy grade is the elimination of the 100 text, 65 cover and 100 cover. The remaining weights are 24, 28, 32 text and 80 cover in three digital sizes (8.5 x 11, 17 x 11, 18 x 12). For those needing that heavier 100 cover, we suggest looking at the Mohawk Color Copy line, which is stocked on our floor.

Here’s a quick rundown on the family of Finch Fine papers that will have you covered from offset to digital printing: Continue reading