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Trish Witkowski Speaking at the Field Paper Show

We could not be more excited about presenting Trish Witkowski as this year’s featured speaker at the Field Paper Show. (And a huge thank you to Sappi Fine Paper for sponsoring her!) Trish is the absolute expert on anything to do with printed folded formats. And we are not talking about just tri-folds and accordion folds. We are talking crazy, cool, super unique folds like the traveling snake, double swinger, oyster and pinwheel twist. Not only will Trish inspire you with new folding ideas, but she’ll also explain production tips and do’s and don’ts. Designers and printers alike will gain knowledge and the know how to produce these. Continue reading

Neenah Paper “Think Classic Papers” Printed Promo

 In our last post, we talked about the exciting changes in the Neenah Classics lines. (If you missed it, you can see the new colors and textures here.) Now it’s time to show you just how well the papers print with the introduction of the “Think Classic Papers” printed promo. Continue reading

New from Utopia….the U360 Awards Book

photo copy 12

Mill produced printed samples are a great source for inspiration, but once in a while it’s nice to see “real world” work printed with “real world” budgets with “real world” printers.  The new U360 Awards book from Appleton Coated features the winners of their annual competition and is a beautiful collection of “real” work created for clients such as an opera house, a college, a museum, a talent agency and a gym.  The one thing they have in common is they are printed on one of the Utopia or Curious Collection gradelines. The book itself is printed on U2 and U2XG, Appleton Coated’s #2 sheet, a hardworking, dependable paper suited for every day jobs like brochures, invites, catalogs and direct mail…and on any job that demands smooth, solid ink coverage, photos that pop and critical color matching. Continue reading

Neenah Wild

Wild is another paper born from the partnership between Neenah and Gruppo Cordenons. It may seem simple enough at first glance, but wait until you get your hands on it. Wild contains 35% cotton giving it a wonderfully soft and luxurious touch to the hand with its heavy vellum finish (heavy meaning it’s more “vellum-y” than a regular vellum finish….so expect lots of tooth to this paper).  It is also super bulky…..really, really bulky. Here’s a comparison of its caliper to another Neenah cotton sheet, Canaletto – Canaletto 111# cover mics to 18 point while Wild 111# cover mics to 27 points. Both papers weigh the same, but the Wild is “puffed up” and thicker.

Speaking of weights, Wild is available in 101# text and 111#, 166# and an extremely thick 314# cover which mics out to 78 point.  All weights are suitable for offset printing except for the 314# cover so this bulky boy will need to be letterpressed, blind embossed, engraved or foil stamped.

wild trilix coasters Continue reading

Neenah Canaletto

Canaletto is another new addition to the Neenah Design Collection and you will love the way this paper feels to the touch due to it’s 20% cotton content. It’s soft, plush, and luxurious. Anything you print on this paper is instantly elevated to the category of quality simply through the power of paper’s tactility. It’s amazing, the signals sent to our brains when you hold something in your hand that just feels good. We react to touch. We have an emotional response. An image and a perception are impressed upon us. Herein, lies the power of paper.

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