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Neenah “Retail Revolution” Promotion

How does paper have the power of persuasion in retail?

Retail is alive and well. According to “Debunking the Apocalypse”, a 2017 report released by IHL Group, retailers were opening 4,080 more stores in 2017 than they were closing, and planned to open over 5,500 more this year. The National Retail Federation reported 85% of brands were opening stores or holding steady. The once negative retail narrative is turning a corner.

In fact, many see a retail revolution evolving, with studies showing that Gen Z’s prefer bricks to clicks. In a highly competitive retail market, brands that succeed will be those that create an extraordinary customer experience, both online and in-store.

Neenah is addressing the uprising with CLASSIC®Retail Revolution. Right from the start, this book’s multi-layered waterfall effect of overlapping sections encourages you to open and interact. This promotion is filled with industry research data, retail marketing samples, and beautiful combinations of paper, design and printing. This high-energy, highly tactile book is a must have design inspiration (even if you don’t have retail customers). Continue reading

Christian Bale Freaks Out On This Business Card

Before Christian Bale was Batman, he played the part of Patrick Bateman, a 1980’s Wall Street yuppie knee-deep in a culture self-obsessed with outward appearances, perceptions and the ability to get the best restaurant reservations at Dorsia. The attention spent on perfecting their slicked back hair and finely tailored Armani suits also applied to their business cards. Only the best would do. Watch what happens when this pack of wolves of Wall Street start comparing cards and judging each other based solely on paper and design.

Paper Textures that Create Impact


There’s no denying that at the heart of paper’s allure is its tactility. The feel of a texture delights the fingertips, sets a tone and enhances a design. In fact, neuroscience has found that the power of touch is so strong that it can shape perceptions, influence purchasing and increase memory recall. (See Millward Brown Study and Sappi “Neuroscience of Touch” videos to learn more.)

There are many textures available ranging from subtle to pronounced; sophisticated to rough hewn; scratchy to rubbery soft. To make finding that perfect texture a little easier, we put together a list of uncoated finishes and paper grade names. You also may want to request a copy of Neenah’s Down & Dirty Print Guide which shows how different textures will affect your printing results. Continue reading

A Mini Paper Mill Tour

4ff71eb9f1134.preview-620If you are a printer, buyer or designer that has toured a paper mill, then you may already be familiar with the science and technology of papermaking. But for those of you that haven’t walked the steamy rooms of a mill, the process and the scale of the manufacturing may be hard to visualize or comprehend. As with learning anything new, it’s sometimes easier to see it to finally understand it, so here are two short videos that will take you on your personal tour of two of our mill partners, Neenah (an uncoated mill) and Sappi (a coated mill). Once you see the basic process, it is fascinating to discover how each mill will tweak their techniques and “paper recipe” to make their paper unique, special or superior. It’s truly a process of science combined with craftsmanship and the proof is in a well-made sheet of paper. Continue reading

Hilarious IKEA Ad Promotes “BookBook” Technology

Ikea does love its catalogs. They print over 200 million copies annually in 27 languages for 38 countries. And those catalogs are not likely to disappear any time soon for one simple reason…they work incredibly well. Catalogs mailed to consumers are 30 times more effective in making a sale than those sent via electronic mail (DMA Response Rate Report 2012). We love this parody ad just released that celebrates their printed catalog and “bookbook” technology.


Congratulations ADAI Winners!


Art Director’s Association of Iowa held their Annual Design Exhibition and we want to congratulate all the participants on a job well done. We noticed some great use of papers (and some we even had a hand in). Keep up the great work and a big shout of thanks to Chad Owen of Owen Design for allowing us to help you with the printed materials. Cheers!

See the awards book here.


Field Paper’s New Blog

blog intro

And welcome! With the revamp of our new website, we wanted to create a way for our customers to stay updated and current on the latest happenings in the paper world. There is always something going on and frankly, it can be hard to keep on top of it all at times. So we are here to help by keeping you posted when new swatchbooks are released, gradelines are launched and printed promotions are introduced. And because paper does not stand alone without its partners of print and design (that make paper look oh so good), we’ll talk about printing techniques, marketing and communication through print, paper education and, of course, loads of creative inspiration.

Check back with us often…there will be lots of creative spark and paper smarts!