Custom Paper

In today’s market, buying paper efficiently is critical when quoting jobs and holding margins. How can custom sized paper improve efficiency? And, would this program impact your business?

Eligible Commodity and Premium Papers:

  • Coated Book
  • Coated Cover
  • Uncoated Offset
  • Uncoated Opaque
  • C1S Board & C2S Board
  • Text & Cover / Specialty Papers
  • How does custom size paper affect my cost?


(pricing used for example purposes only)

Two identical papers; one option is the standard stocking size and the second is a custom size:

(The custom size paper is a perfect sheet size for the job)

Standard Size:
25 x 38 160M 80# gloss book
Cost: $85.00cwt = $136.00/M (1,000 sheets)

Custom Size:
25 x 33.5 141M 80# gloss book
Cost: $85.00cwt = $119.85/M

In this example, if the printer chooses to go with a custom sheet size versus the standard stocking size, they stand to save nearly 12%.

Common Questions about the Custom Paper Program:

1) Is my order an eligible candidate for the program?
A) Based on brand of paper, weight of order and delivery date.

2) What are my minimum order requirements?
A) 5,000 lbs to 20,000 lbs (some cases less). See Field Paper for program options.

3) What is my lead time to receive paper?
A) Less than 1 week to 4 weeks (under normal circumstances). This will fluctuate based on sheet and mill capacity.

4) What paper mills / brands are available for the program?
A) Domestic mills are primarily used in order to receive the fastest turn times. See Field Paper for a list of all eligible brands.