Field Paper 2018 Calendars, “The Power of Print & Paper”

The Field Paper 2018 calendars are going to be hard to miss this year! We played with fluorescent ink and textured paper and the results are visually eye-popping. So, put on your sunglasses and get ready for a wallop of color!

Annie Eischen of Flying Hippo designed the calendar with the idea of creating an experience when it was opened…hinting at something big to come on the different panels with the “Ta-Da” moment revealed on the final spread. We love how the unique fold allowed her to pace the reveal and control the message. We also love the great job Garner did on the printing!

The cover is printed on Neenah Classic Techweave Bare White 100 cover. Neenah introduced this finish last spring and it has been one of the most requested text & cover papers this year. The texture is visually subtle, but tacitly very noticeable. It adds a beautiful sense of touch and doesn’t compete with printed images. The designer, Annie, felt a super bright white paper would add too much of a stark contrast with the ink colors, so the new Bare White was the perfect fit. Not too bright white, not too off-white…it was just right.

Annie Eischen shares some insight into her thought process. “We wanted to showcase the power of print and paper by illustrating the unique processes in a quirky and abstract way. Representing the processes went beyond the visual design, but also into designing a physical experience and to evoke a reaction. The colors and design on the cover are intently subtle so the final reveal of the illustration and fluorescent inks has a big impact. Pow!  As if to say, “See how powerful print can be!” I wanted to use Neenah Classic Techweave to add another layer of texture and dimension. I love how you can’t see the texture at first, but once you touch the paper, you are nicely surprised. It also adds a feeling of quality. Texture does that.  And if you’re like me – too much texture is never a bad thing, unless you are referring to the mom hairdos of the 80’s.”

A small dot pattern is printed on the Classic Techweave and we love the combination of pattern on textured paper. It’s unexpected and the perfect marriage of visual and tactile elements. We were a bit worried about the dots plugging up on press on the uncoated paper. But, nope! When you use a quality text & cover sheet like Neenah, the dots come out clean and sharp. (Although this pattern did start to play with our eyes at the press check!)


Love the small details! The number zero in 2018 is the punch hole for hanging.


Look at the solid ink coverage! Mottle-free and saturated color. Printing results like these are what you can expect when using a high quality uncoated paper, like Neenah. Lower cost sheets just wouldn’t be up to the task. Learn more about how to improve printing results on uncoated paper here or how paper formation affects your printing here.

The illustration depicts the processes behind a printed piece. Starting with the paper manufacturing process and paper mills and paper merchants through the creative process of the designer and the printer’s production process.


Each month features a factoid about the results generated by marketing with printed material.


We chose Finch Fine Ultra Smooth Soft White 100 text for the monthly calendar pages for three reasons. One, it was a perfect shade match to Neenah’s Bare White. Two, the design didn’t require full floods of ink. And three, we needed to keep our budget in line. We used the higher priced Neenah on the cover to get the most impact and used the lesser-priced Finch Fine on the bulk of the calendar that was going to be disposed of each month. Using different sheets at different price levels allows you to use some of the higher end papers without blowing your budget.

Creating powerful print is a thoughtful process and many decisions are made along the way. Remember to include your paper choice early in your approach as it can mean the difference between an ordinary job and an extraordinary one.

Give out paper experts, including our Spec Rep, Megan Rold, a call to help guide you to the perfect paper for your needs. We’ll discuss the details of your printed project such as your expectations, deadline, budget and printing requirements…and happily make paper recommendations. Our Sample Room supplies dummies and samples, too!

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