Field Paper Show Featured Speaker – Sappi “Haptics: The Science of Touch”

Our featured speaker at the Field Paper Show was Jim Goetz of Sappi Paper presenting “Haptics: The Science of Touch”. Jim explained how our brains react to holding a printed piece in our hands and the impact it has on our perceptions and decision making. We’ve had so many requests after the show for this presentation so people could share it with their own customers to explain the value of print, so we want to make it available to you all.

If you weren’t about to attend the Paper show, here’s your chance to view the presentation at your convenience.

POP from Sappi / – Extended presentation with content and statistics, as well as Dr. Eagleman videos and instructions to sign up to receive free copy of “The Communicator’s Guide to Neuroscience of Touch” book that was given away at the show. POP from Sappi is an excellent online resource for print communication so we highly recommend signing up to receive future posts.

Dr. Eagleman video series “Sappi Neuroscience Shorts”
(If you are short on time, go to video #6…How the Medium Shapes the Message).

Download copy of “The Communicator’s Guide to Neuroscience of Touch”.

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Your Field Paper Sales or Spec Rep is always available to explain Sappi papers in greater detail about their individual benefits on a one-on-one basis or to your group of designers or printers. They are also available to show the Sappi “Haptics” presentation. Just reach out to us!