Mohawk Envelope Reference Poster + 5 Envelope Tips


Knowing the types of envelopes that are available can be a confusing and daunting task. Not to mention remembering each envelope dimension, their proper names and the difference between flap styles. We have a tool that will help make it easier – the Mohawk Envelope Reference Poster. Hang this on your wall and all the most common envelope sizes and dimensions will be readily at hand. Have a questionable sized envelope? Hold it up to the outlined templates for quick identification. Curious about the style of flap (pointed, square or euro style) your envelope will have? The poster will show you that, too. Contact our Sample Room for your copy.


The name of the envelope with corresponding dimensions.


Actual size outlines will help determine the size of envelope and show the flap style.

Here are 5 tips for better envelope specification and buying:

  1. Think envelopes at the start. If your project is going to mail, consider the envelope at the BEGINNING of your project. Too often, the envelope is an afterthought with disappointing results. Research the envelope sizes and design your brochure to fit the envelope. Don’t design your inside pieces first and then scramble to find an envelope to fit your brochure.
  2. Availability. Find out if the paper is available in envelopes. Don’t assume every paper is available in an envelope, especially when it comes to specialty finishes, metallics and translucents. In most cases, the paper needs to be available in a writing or text weight to be manufactured into an envelope, so those dark colors that only come in cover weight may not have an envelope companion.
  3. Minimums. Find out how the envelopes are packaged and the minimums you must purchase. Envelopes are packaged in boxes and then put into cartons. Sometimes a merchant can break the cartons down and sell just the boxes and sometimes you will need to buy the whole carton. For example, an A-style envelope has 250 envelopes per box and then packaged in a carton with four boxes per carton, totaling 1000 envelopes per carton. The smallest amount you can buy is 250 and increments of.
  4. Delivery time. Just because a swatchbook lists the paper envelope offering doesn’t mean the envelope is already made and ready to ship. Sometimes the mill needs time to manufacture them and it could be anywhere from 3-10 days, sometimes longer. Find out if the envelope is stocked or needs to be manufactured so you can plan the delivery time into your production schedule.
  5. Special sizes. We can have special size envelopes made for you (unique sizes, window placement, etc), but be aware that there usually is a lead manufacturing time that can vary from 2-4 weeks with order minimums starting at 5000.