The New Mohawk Maker’s Field Guide

The Complete Guide To Using Paper Texture & Color

mohawk-field-guide-1Mohawk has just released the “Maker’s Field Guide to Texture and Color” and before we go too much farther, scroll down a bit and click on “Request a Copy” because this is a piece you don’t want to miss out on.

Today we find ourselves with audiences that are overwhelmed, and bombarded with more and more and more forms of communication with less and less and less impact. What we need to do is create effective communication pieces that slow people down, activate their senses, and command their attention. The Mohawk Maker’s Field Guide will help you do that by teaching you to use uncoated textured and colored papers as a tool.


The book begins with a blind “touch” test where you feel a paper sample and you are asked, “If this paper was a person, would you believe what they said?” or “If this paper was a place, would you want to go there?” This exercise shows how quick we form perceptions based on touch alone.MOH_FieldGuide_35_700MOH_FieldGuide_45_700MOH_FieldGuide_31_700

Time tested strategies on how to effectively use paper textures in your printed piece are outlined with printed demonstrations and recommended Mohawk papers.

  • Matching texture with characteristics of product, message or content
  • How to combine contrasting textures effectively
  • Create consistency and distinctiveness in branding with paper texture while maintaining visual control

Printing photography on uncoated paper sometimes seems to worry people because they fear their photos will look fuzzy and dull. Not to worry after you see seven Mohawk grades printed conventional 4-color. This demonstration will also help you see how textures affect your printing and how they can be as impactful as the photo itself. We especially like the difference between the feel of the Enhance versus the Curious Matter papers.mohawk-field-guide-2

The guide also shows you how to use paper color to heighten the impact of printed projects.

  • Enhancing photography with colored paper
  • Using paper as a fifth color
  • Emphasizing colored paper through the use of simple embosses, deboss or foil treatment
  • Transform the mood of your design though various colored papermohawk-field-guide-3MOH_FieldGuide_53_700

The book wraps up with a list of additional resources such as the educational series: Paper Basics, Envelope Basics and Printing Basics. Mohawk’s Felt & Wire website is an excellent source for design inspiration and insight to their latest printed pieces. One of our earlier posts showed paper grades available by finish along with a PDF list (the Field Finish Finder) you can download for easy reference.MOH_FieldGuide_59_700

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