Mohawk Redesigns Via and Carnival Swatchbook

Mohawk is starting off the new year with a boom with the redesign of their Via & Carnival swatchbook. If you recall, a couple of years ago, Mohawk introduced a new slimline swatch format that accordion folded into a 3 x 9 book. However, the format did not prove to be very user-friendly and Mohawk decided to return to the standard 6 x 9 format…plus a little more. This book will definitely stand out on your shelves with it’s two inch, bright, orange spine and weighing in at a whopping two pounds. (We remind you to lift with your legs!)

The two grades, Via and Carnival, have been combined into one book resulting in a choice of 45 colors and 13 finishes; including a few unique textures such as Cordwain, Groove, and Hopsack. All items are now FCS Certified as well as containing at least 30% post consumer waste. For digital printing, papers are offered and clearly indicated in either digital or digital with i-tone. (Digital will run thru dry toner machines and digital with i-tone is specifically designed to run through the HP Indigo presses).


When the book if first opened, you have an option to use the “Quick Spec” section, which gives a visual overview of all the colors, weights and finishes available. Or you can go to the “Browse” section where you can delve deeper and touch and feel larger sheets of every paper and find detailed information on sizes available and digital offerings in the ultra organized and easy to read charts.



CarnivalViaSwatch_20141023-_MG_3614-RESIZEDVia is Mohawk’s most economical text and cover line, so if you looking to upgrade your papers from opaques (Cougar, Finch, or Accent) or add texture and color to your project without breaking the bank, this is the perfect fit. Carnival, on the other hand, is known for it’s stout cover weights and is priced in the mid-range. If you currently have the old slimline format, no need to worry about being out of date as nothing in either line has changed in regard to additions or deletions of weight and colors, so that book is still valid and useable. A total of nine new swatches will be introduced over the next several months.