Neenah Astrobrights Beefs Up with New Weights

IMG_0114Astrobrights is a favorite go-to paper for it’s bright, eye popping colors and Neenah has just taken the grade to another level with the addition of new weights, heavier covers, duplexes and digital sizes.

First, let’s talk the benefits of colored paper and the effect it has on ROI and the bottom line. Studies from the Color Marketing Group and the American Paper Institute found the use of color in marketing materials increases retention by 18% and increases direct mail response rate by 20%. In fact, Astrobrights was first created because the papermaker wanted to test the effect of color on rates of response. This was back in 1969 when white paper dominated and not a lot of color options were available. The results? The colored paper got three times the response than those on white paper, proving color did have a positive effect.

Check out this video to meet the creator of Astrobrights and find out what historic American event inspired the name of the grade and colors.


What is new?
50# text – when lighter weight is required, available in 8 colors
70# text ­– for USP 1oz. maximum self-mailers, available in 8 colors
80# cover – now available in all 25 colors
100# cover – when extra oomph is required, available in 8 colors
135# duplex – two colors laminated, available in 3 color combinations
Digital sizes – 18 x 12 in 65, 80, and 100# cover, dry toner compatible only

What stays the same?
The original 25 colors, except for Jupiter Java which has been discontinued.
65# cover – guaranteed 9 pt. for USP direct mailers
The same economical price range so you can add color without spending a lot of money.

What about envelopes?
Astrobrights has you covered on envelopes with 33 different styles in all colors. That includes standard #10 and A styles to square, catalog, booklets and #10 policy (the cool #10 envelopes that open on the short end). More information on envelopes sizes and dimensions can be found here.

IMG_0117Three new 135# duplex options.


Inside the swatchbook is a nifty guide of postal guidelines for machinable and non-machinable letters, flat cards, self mailers and cards, clear zones for address, barcode and postage areas as well requirements for paper caliper and size dimensions. And best of all, it is written in a way that you can easily understand! (We know how confusing those postal regulations can be.)


A collection of samples shows how you can print on these bright colors with something other than just black ink  for a variety of items…hangtags, door hangers, POP displays, box wraps, posters, table tents, flyers, catalogs, brochures and more!


The business cards of the Neenah reps are always changing to reflect their latest paper introduction. 

Field Paper stocks Astrobrights on our floor so it’s readily available. And if we don’t have the right item, we will deliver it from the mill in just 1-2 days. New Astrobright swatchbooks are available in our Sample Room now.