Neenah Classic Lines Get a Makeover

Every five years or so, Neenah Paper refreshes and revamps a gradeline. This year all the Classic lines are getting a make over and it’s definitely one you don’t want to miss. Seriously, this one is absolutely fantastic! After 18 months of market research in 12 different cities, Neenah Paper and long time partner, Design Army, has introduced 8 new colors and two new finishes to the Classics family.

Bare White: We know what you’re thinking. Yet another white? But this subtle, slightly off-white  falls right between Avon Brilliant White and Classic Natural White. Not too white. Not too cream. It’s just right.
Cool Gray: Light shade that bridges the transition between Antique Gray and Pewter
Cadet Gray: Rich gray tone to round out the existing gray offering
Chambray: Fresh twist on denim blue
Aubergine: Deep color reminiscent of the rich purple of fresh eggplant
Military: Warm, rich, natural looking green
Cobalt: Timely and trending vivid blue
Imperial Red: Fresh, bright and fashionable red

Classic Techweave: A high-tech twist on the woven fabric pattern
Classic Woodgrain: The aesthetic charm of wood texture (without looking like tree bark!)
(Important note: Both finishes are consistent side to side, meaning they are identical on both sides of the sheet.)

Classic Techweave in the color Cobalt.

Classic Woodgrain in the color Bare White

in the past the Classic lines have been in four separate swatches (Classic Crest, Classic Linen, Classic Laid and Classic Columns). Now, everything has been rearranged into just three books (Classic Crest, Classic Linen and the new Classic Textures).

Classic Crest
This book will house the Smooth, Super Smooth and Eggshell finishes. The Stipple finish that used to be shown in this book has now been moved to a different one. (Keep reading). There are also 5 duplexes in this line.

Classic Linen
This one is simple. All the linen finishes remain in this one book. Five duplexes are also in the line.

Classic Textures
This is the new book in the Classics family and will contain all the other finishes, old and new. Here is where you will find the Stipple finish (now called Classic Stipple) along with Classic Laid, Classic Columns and the new Classic Techweave and Classic Woodgrain. Six duplexes are offered.

Neenah has broadened their digital paper options with the addition of 64 new items. This brings the total to 237 digital items across all the Classic lines. (So, there is no reason to think digital printing means only boring white smooth papers!) These digital items are all made with Neenah’s Digital Surface Treatment to ensure optimal toner adhesion. Be sure to flip up the waterfall of colors to reveal the stocking information and available colors, weights and sizes for all digital options. And designers, when you specify a digital sheet, be sure to include “digital” in the grade name or you risk getting the non-digital, offset version of the sheet.

If a Neenah paper is available in a writing or text weight, then it is available in 33 different envelope sizes. Even better is the fact that you can buy as little as ONE BOX of envelopes, eliminating the need to buy full cartons. (Perfect for those small runs!) Be aware that not all the colors and sizes are stocked at the mill and may require manufacturing time (anywhere from 3-10 days) so check with Field Paper on availability and making time.

Design Army is part of the genius behind this revision. Take a sneak peek at the process of developing the new direction of the Classic lines in this video. (They make it look so easy!)

The new swatchbooks are available in our Sample Room. Ask your Field Sale Rep to drop them by and they’ll be happy to present them in detail.

NEXT UP...the gorgeous printed piece featuring all these lovely papers. Stay tuned!