Neenah Esse


Sporting its infamous heavy, grid-like texture, Esse adds instant tactility. The texture is so unique that it is actually patented, so you will find it nowhere but here. The bright, saturated color palette comes from the mind of renowned colorist Beatrice Santiciollo (who also collaborated with Apple to design the original iMac colors…back when they looked like bubbles). The palette ranges from clean whites to vivid primaries to luscious chocolate brown and the entire line is manufactured with 30% post consumer waste. All colors are available in cover weights with the lighter colors being made in text weights, too. Envelopes are offered in 19 different sizes in certain colors. Take note that some colors have been discontinued and 24# writing is no longer available.

If you require some bling, pearlized or metallic colors are available esse pearlizedin both texture and smooth finish. We personally are in love with the textured pearlized as the light really sparkles off the rougher surface. All metallic colors are manufactured with natural pigments and are free of metal and foils.

And not to be forgotten, digital options. Esse offers three smooth pearlized colors and two textured colors in digital sizes and are treated with Neenah’s Universal Digital Finish and is compatible with most digital presses including HP Indigo, Xerox iGen, Kodak NexPress and Canon imagePRESS.

Swatchbooks and samples are available in our sample room. Ask your Field Paper Rep for new materials or additional information.