Neenah Oxford


Paper textures can be bold, as we have seen with Neenah Esse, but they can also quietly sit in the background adding just a hint of visual interest. That is the beauty of Oxford…the second grade in Neenah’s Design Collection. Mimicking the pattern of a button down oxford shirt, the fabric like texture suggests class, sophistication, and tradition with the handsome air of elegance continued through the rich color palette. We have found corporate users in the financial, insurance and legal industries have a particular attraction to Oxford for its understated texture and muted colors. It adds just a touch of pizazz to their printed materials without being too overwhelming.

Weights range from the 24# writing, 80 text, 80 cover, 100 cover and two 130 duplex cover options. Neenah is one of the few remaining mills to still offer duplexed stock and these papers are a good way to add color on both sides of a sheet without having to print them. 19 different envelopes sizes are available in the colors White, Cream, and Peace and a handy envelope chart listing complete details is included in the swatchbook for easy reference. All Oxford colors contain 30% post consumer waste and are Green Seal Certified. Note that the colors Innocent White, Stone White, Road and Fired have been discontinued.

For digital printing, Oxford Digital is available only in White 100# cover and is compatible with all digital presses. Samples are readily available in our sample room for testing through your particular equipment, which we always recommend.

Ask your Field Paper Rep for your own copy of the Neenah’s Design Collection swatchbook to take a closer look at Oxford. Next up…Plike.