Neenah Paper “Think Classic Papers” Printed Promo

 In our last post, we talked about the exciting changes in the Neenah Classics lines. (If you missed it, you can see the new colors and textures here.) Now it’s time to show you just how well the papers print with the introduction of the “Think Classic Papers” printed promo.

Neenah now has 6 shades of white with the addition of the new Bare White. Which white to use? It all depends on the images you are printing and the results you want to achieve. Do you want true color reproduction? Are you printing skin tones? Is it a product shot?. This section of the book demonstrates exactly how the paper shade affects your printing and guides you towards the perfect choice.

The rest of the book is pure print goodness that shows off the new colors and textures with offset and digital printing. Full disclosure….this book is one of these you just have to rub your hands across to appreciate the different textures. The photo below is an especially effective marriage of touch and sight with the Classic Laid mimicking the feel of the striped rug. Sometimes laid finishes can get a bad rap for being too traditional, but we have to say it’s the perfect paper for this photo.

The new color Bare White peeks out from under the die-cut Military, also a new addition.

New Cobalt meets the Stipple finish and looks so sharp with metallic inks and foil stamping.

The dark colors are perfect for printing digital white ink, so experiment with one, two and three hits of ink on HP Indigo and Ricoh machines.

This color combination of foils on the new Aubergine is simply stunning. 

What’s especially great about this printed promo is that all the printing techniques are things your printer can easily do (it’s all done 4-color process, metallics inks and foil stamping). Yes, sometimes the mill printed pieces can be a little over the top and unrealistic for everyday budgets. But this book shows how simple printing on a beautiful color of paper or a tactile finish can have such impactful results.

This piece is available thru our Spec Rep. Our Sample Department is stocked with 12.5 x 19 plain sheets of all the new Classic colors and textures for mock-ups, dummies and digital testing. We’re excited to see what you design with these new papers!