Neenah’s New “Feel, Think, Do” Printed Promotion

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Look at this little lovely that is available in our sample room…. Neenah’s “Feel, Think, Do” printed promo. Not only is it packed with fresh ideas of how to use their papers, but also it’s going to teach you a thing or two about why the tactility of paper has such a profound impact on perception, recall and the bottom line. (AKA… some factual ammunition to justify your paper choices to your client, account manager and boss.)


Advertisers used to believe that they key to success was influencing the consumer’s brain. The assumption was that thoughts provoked feelings, which in turn spur action. Think…Feel…Do. The new theory is that consumers are driven by desire. Feel…Think…Do. These feelings come from sensations we experience. In the case of paper, the sensation of touch. Tactility. If you are one of those people that run your hands slowly across paper samples and say “ooooh”, then you know what we are talking about. (Above is printed 2 hits opaque white + PMS on Neenah Environment Concrete, Raw finish, Neenah’s newest texture.)

Holding something in your hand creates a positive tactile experience, sending thoughts of quality and credibility straight to your brain; which create an emotion connection. Even the weight of paper has an impact on the consumer’s perception. (Above is metallic gold printed on Neenah So…Silk Fair Blue. So glamorous and silky soft.)

Physical material requires more emotional processing in the brain that stimulates memories and emotions, which is important for brand recall and association. To learn more about how the brain responds to print, read the Millward Brown case study. (Above is silver metallic printed on Neenah Oxford Burned. The texture mimics the fabric of a men’s oxford shirt. So handsome.)


This direct mail piece for a luxury, Tuscany hotel evokes a feeling of rich traditions, extravagant accommodations and sumptuous comfort with its classic design and textured papers. It creates trust and the perception that you will have an amazing stay at their hotel. (Above printed four color on Neenah Classic Linen White Pearl and gold foil on Eames Diffused Architecture White.)

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Using striking design techniques and distinctive papers allow the consumer to be seduced by the product, making purchases or other action more likely. (Aad Weening, former Secretary of EMOTA


Invitations not only convey pertinent information about the event, but give an indication of what attendees can expect, provoking the invitee to feel they don’t want to miss out and prompting them to RSVP yes! (Above printed on Neenah Plike Black with clear and white foil. This paper feels soft and velvety, with a little hint of rubberiness.)

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Case studies and research are peppered throughout this piece, all footnoted so you can look them up online and read more. We suggest sharing these facts with your marketing strategists, account managers and those determining your channels of communication so they, too, can learn more about the bottom line benefits of print. (Above digitally printed black on Neenah Stardream and then taken offline to silver foil.)

You can find all the beautiful colors and textures used in this piece in these Neenah swatchbooks. Contact your Field Paper Sales or Spec Rep for your copy of “Feel, Print, Do” or any of the books below…we are always more than happy to spread the paper love!

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