New Mohawk Options & Navajo Swatchbook Released – A Deeper Look into the Inxwell Grades


We all get excited when a mill introduces new colors and finishes to a grade. Because who doesn’t love more choices to pick and choose? But sometimes, something comes along that challenges the status quo that really thrills us. That something is Mohawk’s Inxwell surface technology, which fundamentally changes how uncoated paper prints.

Inxwell combines the tactile feel of uncoated paper with the advantages of superior ink holdout, lower dot gain and significantly increased opacity. Ink sits on top of Inxwell papers resulting in saturated color, greater detail, and outstanding photographic reproduction.

It’s time to say good-bye to fuzzy photos, mottled coverage and washed out colors and say hello to Mohawk Options and Navajo.

At first glance, these grades may look like ordinary white paper, but don’t judge it until you see how it prints. The palette of white is intentional as this is a sheet intended to be covered in ink colors. It is the foundation and base of great, solid printing.  (Paper Tip: Never judge a paper soley on its appearance. Where the rubber meets the road is in how paper the paper prints and performs on press.  Request printed samples from your merchant when considering paper choices.)

What are the finishes available?
Three finishes are offered. Options is available in both smooth and vellum, the latter having a more toothy, tactile surface. Navajo is available in one finish – the Navajo Smooth, which is the smoothest uncoated paper in the market (a 45 Sheffield for you paper techies out there) and can easily be mistaken for a coated sheet, which it is not.

What weights are available?
Options is available in 70, 80, 100 text and 65, 80, 100 and 130 cover.
Navajo is available in 60-100 text and 65 -180 double thick cover.
A wide variety of weights makes it possible to keep paper consistent on a variety of jobs from letterhead to folders to packaging. Keeping the paper consistent on all elements means your printing will stay consistent, too.

What about digital offerings?
Options and Navajo were one of the first cross-platform sheets created which allows the paper to perform on both offset and digital equipment. (Note that all digital equipment has different weight and caliper tolerances so check your OEM recommendations when running heavier weights). HP Indigo presses need to use the Options with i-tone. Navajo is not suitable for HP Indigo printing.
digitalgideDigital sizes and equipment compatibility are called out on the samples and stock chart for easy reference.    “D” = available in digital and offset sizes and guaranteed for dry toner digital presses. “Di” = available in digital and offset sizes and guaranteed for dry toner and HP Indigo presses. The “i” stand for “itone” which is Mohawk’s digital surface treatment for better toner adhesion. 

Does my printer need to do anything special when offset printing Options or Navajo?
Since Mohawk Inxwell papers require less ink and water than other uncoated paper, for clean and sharp print, nominal wet ink densities should approximate: K-1.3, C -1.15, M – 1.15, Y- 0.85. Read more printer tips.

What are the environmental attributes?
30% -100% post consumer, FSC Certified, manufactured with wind power.

IMG_0173College admissions collateral is one of the most vital and important pieces for university marketing, requiring top-notch printing. A book heavily dominated by 4-color photographs, Mohawk Navajo reproduced the images sharp and crisp and it’s super smooth finish lends a modern, updated feel.


IMG_0175Cover Options and Navajo with ink…that’s what it is made to do.


IMG_0174Sharp details can be difficult to maintain on traditional uncoated papers due to their inherent nature to absorb ink but even the tiny hairs on this dragonfly show up with the Inxwell technology papers that help reduce dot gain.


IMG_0193Not only does the photography in this Sarah Lee Annual Report look amazing, but check out that even, solid black ink coverage with reversed out type.


IMG_0196Is there a subliminal message in that glass of Jack Daniels? It’s telling you to use Mohawk Options if you want clear, crisp photos.



Have you found yourself disappointed when your printed colors loose their vibrancy on uncoated papers? Inkwell papers will keep those colors vivid and saturated.


IMG_0179Layers of tactility are created with the vellum finish of Options combined with the blind emboss.

To learn even more about Mohawk Options & Navajo, read our earlier post “How to Improve Printing Results on Uncoated Paper”, where the importance of pre-press screen and curve adjustment are discussed.

Options and Navajo is the third in the series of Mohawk swatchbooks to be redesigned and the books are available through our Sample Department.