New Mohawk Skytone Swatchbook

IMG_0152The second swatchbook to receive the “Mohawk Makeover” is the Skytone line. This gradeline evokes the look of genuine parchment with its unique and mottled appearance. It’s a perfect choice to lend an old-world flair to travel and destination brochures and an air of authority and credibility to certificates, diplomas, announcements and awards.

IMG_0149 The palette is soft and subtle, but does have a few pastel punches just in time for spring. Interestingly, no two sheets of Skytone will appear the same due to the way the paper is manufactured. According to Mohawk, every papermaking rule followed to get perfectly formed papers is thrown out the window in order to create that distinctive mottled effect.


Depending on the color and weight of the paper, the intensity of the mottle will vary so refer to your swatchbook or request samples to prevent any unwanted surprises.

All items in the Skytone line remain unchanged and are still available in 60 text and 80 cover, 30% recycled, FSC certified and made with windpower. The new swatchbooks are available in our Sample Department now.

If you haven’t seen the first swatchbook to undergo the redesign (Mohawk Via & Carnival), B5fXeJTCUAAmf7Hyou can read about it here. The next swatchbook to be released in April is Mohawk Options, their infamous Inxwell paper created to specifically reduce dot gain and deliver superior printing results. Stay tuned.