New Swatch and Additions to Neenah Design Collection

7-NP Design Collection Swatchbook NP16009-326

Neenah has released a new swatchbook for The Design Collection of specialty papers. Four  new grades have been introduced into the portfolio of papers renown for color, texture and high impact. You now have over 100 papers to choose from that are ideal for high-end brochures, identity materials, premium packaging, gift cards, direct mail, greeting cards and more.

The original staples of the Design Collection are Stardream, ESSE, Eames, Moondream, Teton, Canaletto, Starwhite, Oxford, Wild, So…Silk and Plike, which you can read about in detail in earlier posts. The four new grades are Astroking, Natural Evolution, Monnalisa and Slide.

5-NP Design Collection SB-604_SM_Astroking

Astroking is a satiny paper micro-embossed with a delicate texture with just a hint of shimmer and five deep, luxurious colors.

Natural Evolution has the elegant feel of an uncoated sheet, but has a special “soft” coating allowing for vibrant four-color print reproduction.

Monnalisa is the “smooth sister” of Natural Evolution. Again, a good choice for print sensitive four-color jobs.

Slide has the same rubbery, soft touch as Plike, but is the lightweight, C1S version used for box wraps and packaging.

A new finish has been added to the Starwhite grade, Astropoint, which has a unique feel, reminiscent of the sheen of taffeta material.

3-NP Design Collection SB-576_SM

The book is smartly organized with sections on envelope availability, production tips, digital offerings and printed samples.

11-NP Design Collection SB-729_SMLet the paper do the talking! Minimalist design with gold foil and embossing on Plike Orange.

10-NP Design Collection SB-668_SMA pearlescent foil glimmers on the new Astroking Moss Green.8-NP Design Collection SB-573_SMLove metallic papers? Stardream has 29 different colors.
The soft shade of Amethyst serves as a beautiful background for punches of color and foil.

The Design Collection Sampler is a separate piece accompanying the swatchbook with 27 samples of print applications, including traditional print, digital print, foil stamp, embossing, and spot varnishes. If you are looking for ideas on how to use this paper, the sample is a must have.

DESIGN-COLLECTION-2-BOOK-LRIntricate, lacey foil stamping adorns the cover with registered
embossing adding another level of dimension.
DESIGN-COLLECTION-6-TASTE-LR-1A registered emboss and gold foil add texture to the
ye-popping color of  SO…SILK® Beauty Pink.

DESIGN-COLLECTION-8-HOLOGRAPHIC-INK-LRSpectrum Silver Foil adds iridescent color and contrasting smoothness
to the high tactile, cotton soft feel of Canaletto.

DESIGN-COLLECTION-7-TEXTURE-LRA heavy and deep emboss on top of the textured surface of Eames Painting
may seem like overkill, but we think it’s delicious!

DESIGN-COLLECTION-5-FOIL-LRSimplistic design gets a bold treatment with blue foil allowing
the rubbery surface of Plike to take center stage.


Contact your Field Paper Spec Rep for a one-on-one presentation of the Neenah Design Collection and start turning ordinary designs into extraordinary ones.