New Utopia Swatchbook Now Available

Boy, have we been waiting for these! Update your swatchbooks with this brand new one for Appleton Coated Utopia. There have been some changes to the line so it’s important to get rid of that old book so you are not specifying expired papers.

The entire grade of Utopia One has been discontinued as well as the ivory color in Utopia Premium. You can read about the alternative papers to substitute in an earlier post.

The book is much easier to navigate with its spiral bound format and tabbed section for each grade – Utopia Premium, U1X, U2, U2:XG and U3. Here’s a tip on what those numbers mean in each of the grade names: The number indicates if the sheet is a #1 (U1X), a #2 (U2 and U2:XG) or a #3 (U3). Premium signifies exactly what it means – the top of the line. Remember, the lower the number, the better the sheet is in regard to surface, brightness and quality. Also important to point out, U3 is available on a making basis only and requires a 5000# minimum order.

The entire line of Utopia papers is manufactured in the USA…right up the road in Combined Locks, Wisconsin. Some of the heavier cover weights were made overseas on special single-ply machines, but Appleton Coated is happy to bring them back home.

There is section of printing demonstrations showing how varnish, aqueous coating, 4-color photos, duotones, and metallic sliver prints on each grade and finish. This is so handy to help  visualize the different techniques and even show your clients that don’t quite understand what coatings are.

Each grade is prefaced with a reference guide on the different finishes of that particular grade. Again, another helpful guide to help you determine which finish best fits your job.

One thing not in the swatches is the list of sizes available and other stocking information. So make sure you get the Product Guide below (printers, we are talking to you). The reason Appleton Coated keeps this separate is because it’s much easier to update the guide book rather than reprint brand new swatchbooks when changes occur. Stocking information is also available on their website, but if you prefer the ease of a phone call and helpful voice, we are always here to quickly provide that information.

These swatches are available in our sample room now. Have your Field Paper Rep bring it to you or call our Customers Service and they will be happy to send you one.