Sappi’s “True or False” Guide Challenges Preconceived Notions about Paper

Filled with entertaining urban legends and popular misconceptions, Sappi’s new “True or False” booklet challenges frequently heard myths like “humans only use 10% of their brains” and “lightning never strikes the same place twice.” It also refutes the widespread belief that uncoated printing papers cost less than coated.  In reality, Sappi’s #1 McCoy and #2 Opus are both less than uncoated opaques such as Cougar, Finch Fine or Accent Opaque. In addition to comparing costs, performance capabilities, and environmental benefits between coated and uncoated sheets, “True or False” presents an actual side-by-side demonstration of the same image printed with the same press settings on Sappi McCoy Matte and Silk and two comparable uncoated grades, so readers can see the tactile and visual differences for themselves.

An extensive variety of special printing effects are demonstrated, ranging from soft touch and UV coating, touchplates, and textured, reticulating and sand varnishes on both coated and uncoated sheets. These side-by-side comparisons provide a useful and realistic guide to picking the right paper for maximum visual and tactile impact.

To bring out the chameleon’s bright iridescent nano crystals, the four-color process image was enhanced with a touchplate, reticulating varnish, and superimposed with a gloss coating. A textured varnish overprinted the fortune cookies to give them a “cookie” feel. The center half sheet is printed on an uncoated opaque for comparison.

Left: An extra red touchplate was added to this sports car to make it even more vibrant and eyecatching, with a raised gloss coating speedometer overprinting the car.
Right: Making paper from tree fiber does not harm the forest when sustainable management practices are followed. If anything, well-managed forests reduce damage from fire, bug infestations, wind, and disease. To bring definition to the trees in this forest, the image was printed in four-color process with gloss and dull varnishes. The center half-sheet is printed on a premium uncoated text paper with identical printing techniques.

Left: The shades of these eggshells are enhanced with a match gray and textured varnish.
Right: Worldwide cosmetics represents a $382 billion annual market, and here a “split face” image was used to communicate a multi-ethnic appeal with different skin tones enhanced by textured, velvet and gloss varnishes, and a red touchplate. The center half-sheet is printed on a premium uncoated text sheet.

Copies of the “True or False” book are stocked in our Sample Department and available through your Field Paper Sales or Spec Rep.