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Christian Bale Freaks Out On This Business Card

Before Christian Bale was Batman, he played the part of Patrick Bateman, a 1980’s Wall Street yuppie knee-deep in a culture self-obsessed with outward appearances, perceptions and the ability to get the best restaurant reservations at Dorsia. The attention spent on perfecting their slicked back hair and finely tailored Armani suits also applied to their business cards. Only the best would do. Watch what happens when this pack of wolves of Wall Street start comparing cards and judging each other based solely on paper and design.

French Paper’s Newest Promo…Past, Present and Future


If there is one mill that has changed the way the industry looks at paper – it is the French Paper Company. Their newest promo, “Past, Present and Future,” charts the company’s 140 year history next to major American landmarks events.  Here are some fun facts: Continue reading