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Neenah “Retail Revolution” Promotion

How does paper have the power of persuasion in retail?

Retail is alive and well. According to “Debunking the Apocalypse”, a 2017 report released by IHL Group, retailers were opening 4,080 more stores in 2017 than they were closing, and planned to open over 5,500 more this year. The National Retail Federation reported 85% of brands were opening stores or holding steady. The once negative retail narrative is turning a corner.

In fact, many see a retail revolution evolving, with studies showing that Gen Z’s prefer bricks to clicks. In a highly competitive retail market, brands that succeed will be those that create an extraordinary customer experience, both online and in-store.

Neenah is addressing the uprising with CLASSIC®Retail Revolution. Right from the start, this book’s multi-layered waterfall effect of overlapping sections encourages you to open and interact. This promotion is filled with industry research data, retail marketing samples, and beautiful combinations of paper, design and printing. This high-energy, highly tactile book is a must have design inspiration (even if you don’t have retail customers). Continue reading

Neenah Targets Universities in Newest Promo

COVERDesigners and marketers for universities and higher education institutions face many challenges in this growing and competitive market. They must appeal to 17-year olds with a four-second attention span, resonate with parents, spur alumni to reconnect with their alma mater and generate donor funds.

Neenah’s newest printed promo “How to Win” is a wonderful tool for understanding the nuances of each of the touch points of the college calendar and the positive impact that paper and print can have in your marketing efforts. Continue reading