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New! 2017 Field Paper Calendars

The holidays are over and we’re all trying to get back into our routines. No more of the constant supply of treats in the break room, midafternoon naps and late night Netflix binges! If you are anything like us, one of the first things we do in the new year is tear down that old, tattered, note riddled calendar and replace it with a new one. Although, many of us in the office have digital calendars or analog planners, we all agree that we like having a wall calendar we can use at a glance. There’s something about visually having those blocks of days in front of us to help reference where we are and how much time we have left in a month to help us schedule and plan.

The new 2017 Field Paper calendars are available and tout the theme of “At Your Service”, highlighting 12 ways we go the extra mile for our customers. We teamed up with the fine folks at Webster Design and Regal Print for the the design and printing and they did a bang up job! Check these guys out if you are in the Omaha market.

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Field Paper Show Coming October 12th & 13th


The annual Field Paper Show is right around the corner! It’s time to celebrate our 100 Year Anniversary with our customers. Get caught up with your favorite paper mills and be the first to see their new fall offerings at the tradeshow. Talk with industry experts and find solutions to your paper problems and get inspired with the latest printed samples.  Bust some paper myths and learn the real facts as our featured speaker, Phil Riebel, President of Two Sides presents “Have You Been Greenwashed?”. See the final exhibit of Appleton Coated’s “U360 Show” and a special salute to Mohawk Superfine’s 70th birthday. So, clear some space on your bookshelves because you will be coming back to the office with lots of new things! Here are the details for the Omaha and Des Moines shows… Continue reading

Neenah’s New “Feel, Think, Do” Printed Promotion

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Look at this little lovely that is available in our sample room…. Neenah’s “Feel, Think, Do” printed promo. Not only is it packed with fresh ideas of how to use their papers, but also it’s going to teach you a thing or two about why the tactility of paper has such a profound impact on perception, recall and the bottom line. (AKA… some factual ammunition to justify your paper choices to your client, account manager and boss.) Continue reading