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Trish Witkowski Speaking at the Field Paper Show

We could not be more excited about presenting Trish Witkowski as this year’s featured speaker at the Field Paper Show. (And a huge thank you to Sappi Fine Paper for sponsoring her!) Trish is the absolute expert on anything to do with printed folded formats. And we are not talking about just tri-folds and accordion folds. We are talking crazy, cool, super unique folds like the traveling snake, double swinger, oyster and pinwheel twist. Not only will Trish inspire you with new folding ideas, but she’ll also explain production tips and do’s and don’ts. Designers and printers alike will gain knowledge and the know how to produce these. Continue reading

When Should You Score a Folded Brochure?

score and foldWe’ve all been there. We’ve all seen it. The dreaded cracked fold. It glares up at you with its little white edges saying, “look how I ruined your beautiful print job.” Once you get over that disappointment (well, you try to get over it), now you have to deal with a potentially upset client.

Trish Witkowski, the genius behind foldfactory.com, Rock the Mailbox and host of the Super Cool Fold of the Week videos, is the zen master of folds. While she can tell you about the two-way angled gate wrap and meandering accordion fold in great production detail, we thought we would post her answer to one of the most basic questions we hear the most…”when should I score a folded brochure?” Continue reading