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Neenah’s New “Feel, Think, Do” Printed Promotion

photo 4

Look at this little lovely that is available in our sample room…. Neenah’s “Feel, Think, Do” printed promo. Not only is it packed with fresh ideas of how to use their papers, but also it’s going to teach you a thing or two about why the tactility of paper has such a profound impact on perception, recall and the bottom line. (AKA… some factual ammunition to justify your paper choices to your client, account manager and boss.) Continue reading

Neenah Plike

Plike photo
Plike is a paper that needs to be touched to fully appreciate. This unique finish feels a bit like soft touch aqueous coating…sort of rubbery…a little plastic like. It’s definitely different and it definitely gets noticed. And isn’t that what we are trying to do with our printed materials? Cut through the clutter, differentiate our brand and leave a memorable and lasting impression? Continue reading