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Neenah’s New “Feel, Think, Do” Printed Promotion

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Look at this little lovely that is available in our sample room…. Neenah’s “Feel, Think, Do” printed promo. Not only is it packed with fresh ideas of how to use their papers, but also it’s going to teach you a thing or two about why the tactility of paper has such a profound impact on perception, recall and the bottom line. (AKA… some factual ammunition to justify your paper choices to your client, account manager and boss.) Continue reading

Daniel Dejan Speaks at Field Paper Show


If you attended our annual Paper Show last week, chances are you are still rifling through your bag of newly acquired paper and printed samples and trying to find a home for them in your office and on your walls. Paper shows can bring the hoarder out of even the most organized designer.  And we love you for it! Just don’t let them gather dust and remember to spec those amazing papers and tell your printer to buy the paper from Field Paper (pretty please!) It’s a support those who support you kind of thing.

Along with all the paper goodness showcased, our speaker, Daniel Dejan of Sappi ETC (Education, Training & Consulting) proved to be equally amazing. The accolades keep coming in….”incredible”, “I was blown away with those facts”, “I want to see more from him”, “I had no idea.” and “I am taking this info to my boss!” For those of you who saw his presentation, we will post the links he mentioned as well as the full PDF deck of his slideshow. For those that didn’t see Daniel, this is another chance to see what you missed. Continue reading