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New Utopia Swatchbook Now Available

Boy, have we been waiting for these! Update your swatchbooks with this brand new one for Appleton Coated Utopia. There have been some changes to the line so it’s important to get rid of that old book so you are not specifying expired papers. Continue reading

Big changes for Cascades Rolland Opaque

Rolland Opaque SBCascades Rolland Opaque 50 has gone through some significant changes. First, the recycled content has decreased from 50% to 30%. The driving force behind this change was market feedback received on the shade of the paper…it leaned to the blue, white shade and didn’t look as white as competing papers in the opaque category (Cougar, Lynx, Finch Fine, Finch Opaque, Accent). Decreasing the post consumer waste has resulted in a new, cleaner, whiter shade at a 96 brightness while still including higher recycled content than the competitors. Second, the new name of the color is True White (instead of Bright White). And third, the name of the gradeline has changed from Rolland Opaque 50 to simply Rolland Opaque. Continue reading