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Are Your Mohawk Swatches Up To Date?


It’s time to spring clean your swatchbook cabinet to make sure you have the most current books. (There’s nothing worse than specing a paper only to find it’s discontinued!) Mohawk redesigned their swatches with brightly colored spines that make them easy to identify (and look great on your shelf).

The current books are shown below, so if you are missing one, reach out to your Field Paper Sales Rep or our Customer Service and they will be happy to provide it. Continue reading

Mohawk Redesigns Via and Carnival Swatchbook

Mohawk is starting off the new year with a boom with the redesign of their Via & Carnival swatchbook. If you recall, a couple of years ago, Mohawk introduced a new slimline swatch format that accordion folded into a 3 x 9 book. However, the format did not prove to be very user-friendly and Mohawk decided to return to the standard 6 x 9 format…plus a little more. This book will definitely stand out on your shelves with it’s two inch, bright, orange spine and weighing in at a whopping two pounds. (We remind you to lift with your legs!) Continue reading

A Refreshed Look for Neenah Environment


We are going to take a quick break from talking about the remaining grades of the Neenah Design Collection for an announcement made this week…and it’s from Neenah Paper once again (these guys just don’t quit). Their eco-friendly gradeline, Environment, has gone through a significant refresh with seven new colors and the introduction of a new finish called RAW which is reminiscent of the rough surface of construction paper. The color palette is the result of extensive market research and the outcome is fresh and current with an urban twist. If you are a fan of gray, you are going to adore the colors Wrought Iron, Concrete, Weathered and Stone while the colors Grocer Kraft and Honeycomb will remind you of grocery bags and packaging material.  Seven lighter colors come in white and naturals shades with some containing flecks and specks enhancing the recycled look of the paper. Continue reading

The Wow Factor: Neenah’s New Design Collection

neenah-designcollection_11141163 Around the office we have come to call Neenah’s newest Design Collection swatchbook “The Big Book of Bling” as this is the book we turn to when a project calls for color, texture, metallics or that extra wow factor. Inside you will find updated Neenah grades which you may not have heard from in while plus the addition of six new grades that were formally part of Gruppo Cordenons. Continue reading