The Wow Factor: Neenah’s New Design Collection

neenah-designcollection_11141163 Around the office we have come to call Neenah’s newest Design Collection swatchbook “The Big Book of Bling” as this is the book we turn to when a project calls for color, texture, metallics or that extra wow factor. Inside you will find updated Neenah grades which you may not have heard from in while plus the addition of six new grades that were formally part of Gruppo Cordenons.

Gruppo Cordenons is an Italian mill and is widely popular in Europe; however, their presence in our part of the world wasn’t so stellar, due to limited representation and distribution. So, they entered into a partnership with Neenah Paper where Neenah will now take over all marketing and distribution of their papers for North America. The paper will still be manufactured in Italy, but is now shipped to and stocked at Neenah for easier domestic distribution. Plus, they get the added bonus of Neenah’s marketing department…and we all know how good Neenah is at that.

The five Neenah grades featured are Esse, Oxford Starwhite, Eames, and Teton. The newly added grades from Gruppo Cordenons are Stardream, Plike, Wild, Moondream, So…Silk and Canaletto. We’ll break this blog post into 11 parts and take each grade one by one.
First up….Esse.