Two Sides Busts Paper Myths at Field Paper Show


Thank you to everyone who was able to attend the annual Field Paper Show! It’s always so nice to see our customers gathered in one place – talking with our mill reps, getting new ideas, discovering new products and going home with stuffed bags. Those who listened to our speaker, Phil Riebel of Two Sides, also walked away with a new understanding on common misperceptions about paper, print and the environment. So many people requested Phil’s slideshow that we are putting the PDF deck here. Also available for download are the brochure and posters Phil handed out at the show – Myths & Facts brochure, How Paper Is Made poster, Sustainable Forestry poster, Ready to Bust Some Myths poster.

For those of you who missed the presentation, Two Sides is the myth buster for the paper and print industry. They dispel environmental misconceptions with verifiable facts, information and studies to promote responsible production and use of print and paper. The most interesting and incredible impact they have is when they work with large corporations to help them change their “save a tree, go paperless” claims in their marketing. So far, they have influenced 65 leading companies to remove those false claims that have been misleading the public for years.

And that is just for starters. Phil spoke on every point affecting printers, marketers, designers and buyers today:

– E-waste
– Sustainable forestry
– Carbon footprint
– Greenwashing and go paperless claims
– Environmental marketing rules (US FTC Green Guides / ISO 14021)
– Recycling
– Impact and results of using print in marketing
– Impact of digital vs. print in education
– How to implements change to your paper buying and specifying

Here are some of the highlights of Phil’s presentation, but it’s worth taking a look at his entire PDF deck here.


field-paper-4-page-016Read the fourth point again. Look at the private forest owner as a farmer. If the farmer grows a crop to make a living, and the demand for his crop diminishes, he is often faced with a decision on how to make his crop profitable. Sometimes that decision is to sell the land to developers.

field-paper-4-page-017Yep, it’s a fact. The amount of trees growing in North America has doubled in five years.

field-paper-4-page-019 field-paper-4-page-022Answer…1%

field-paper-4-page-024The amount of e-waste from our digital technology was eye opening for a majority of our attendees. It really is staggering and we blogged about it in an earlier post, “Is Digital MediaGreener than Print?”

field-paper-4-page-025These paperless claims are everywhere, fueling the misconception about paper being bad for the environment. Two Sides works with those companies to remove those negative (and false) claims and focus on the convenience and practicality of digital media. Check out the high profile companies they have successfully worked with and the before and after marketing results.





field-paper-4-page-032Unbeknownst to many, the US FTC has laws governing environmental claims.


field-paper-4-page-040The reality with companies asking customers to go paperless is the cost savings to the company by eliminating printing, paper and mailing costs. They are passing that responsibility and cost on to the customer. Furthermore, studies have shown people want both paper & digital options.


field-paper-4-page-043It’s sounds crazy, but not all of us are hooked up to the internet and still rely on paper statements.

field-paper-4-page-052The average person has the attention span of 8 seconds. Where are you going to place your advertising when you want a return on your investment?

And finally, Phil wrapped up the presentation by listing the ways you can buy and use paper responsibly. Don’t wait for your customers and clients to request it… designers need to specify it and printers needs to purchase it. And we all need to spread the word.


Thank you Phil Riebel for giving us the facts! You can check out the Two Sides website here for more information on the environment and paper. It’s one of our go to resources!