Two Utopia Grades Discontinued

IMG_1036The Appleton Coated grade, Utopia, has been streamlined with the following changes:

It will be available on a making basis with a minimum of 60,000# per basis weight and finish.
Substitute: Utopia Premium.
It is a commercial shade match to Utopia One which will keep printing and color consistent with jobs that were printed in the past.
Substitute: U1X.
This is the “green” sister of Utopia One and contains increased post consumer recycled content of 20% instead of 10% and is FSC certified. U1X is a different and bluer white shade and has an increased brightness of 97, which is ideal for vibrant printing and 4-color photography.
(To learn more about brightness and whiteness and how it affects printing, read here.)

This affects the ivory color only. The white remains in both the silk and gloss.
Substitute: U2XG Matte Ivory.
The matte finish is a flat, glare-free surface as opposed to a silk finish, but the ivory shade is identical. Coated choices in an ivory color are very limited and U2XG is one of the few remaining options in the market.
Note: Utopia Premium Gloss 130# and 150# cover is still shown in the swatchbook, but please note those two items were discontinued in an earlier streamline as well.
Current Utopia Premium items listed below:fieldpaperutopiapremium

A new Utopia swatchbook is currently underway and we will announce their arrival in our sample room, so stay tuned.

If you are interested in learning more about selecting the right coated finish for your print projects, read more about Appleton Coated’s printed book on “Perfect Pairings”.