Utopia Two “Perfect Pairings” Makes Choosing Coated Papers Easy

utopia coverAppleton Coated’s newest printed piece, “Perfect Pairings” is currently gracing the shelves of our sample room. Not only does it look great, but it will teach you a thing or two about different coated finishes and how they print.

Printed on Utopia Two and U2:XG, Appleton Coated’s workhorse #2 sheets, the book is divided into sections featuring gloss, dull and matte finishes with printed samples and tips on selecting the right one for your project.utopia 2 glossGloss
Smoothest and shiniest surface resulting in the highest level of printed detail.
Resists scuffing the best out of all coated finishes.
Best for direct mail and projects that get a lot of handling.
Excellent printing of shiny imagery like glassware, cars and jewelry.
Conveys the perception of a superior quality or that a product or service costs more.

utopia matteMatte
Most tactile of the coated finishes (can actually be mistaken for an uncoated sheet to the untrained eye).
Printed images and details will soften.
Provides better ink hold out than uncoated papers.
Provides a non-glare surface excellent for readability and copy-heavy designs.
Writable surface (pen and pencil).
Ideal choice for images of people, nature, textiles, and fine art.
U2 and U2:XG are the “mattiest” mattes in the market and have a very distinct feel.utopia 2 dullDull
Low gloss…not as shiny as gloss, but not as flat as matte.
Prints with more detail than matte finish.
Soft, smooth surface with subtle tactility.
Perfect choice for projects requiring good print fidelity without looking costly or flashy. (university & college collateral, non-profit).
Popular for catalogs, brochures and marketing collateral, especially cosmetics, fashion, food & beverages, furnishings and travel destinations.

utopia finish comparePrinted samples compare printing between gloss, dull and matte finishes, making it easy to visualize the differences and choose the right one for your project.

utopia varnish compareVisualizing the contrast or effect of coatings can be tough. These comparisons show the differences between dull & gloss varnishes, dull & gloss aqueous coatings and no coatings at all.

utopia coated finishes guideA handy guide details the characteristics of each finish and recommended end uses.

Worth noting.
Looking for an off -white color? U2:XG Matte is the only ivory color sheet made in the US and available in our market
Utopia Two is the only grade in the market with matching web and sheet products and made to identical brightness levels. This can be an important factor to consider when running a project such as a catalog where the cover prints sheetfed and the inside pages run web. Matching brightness levels ensure printed colors remain consistent.
U2 is 10% pcw recycled and U2:XG is 30% pcw recycled. But they are priced identical.
(Appleton Coated’s philosophy is that they didn’t want price to stand in the way of a customer choosing a more environmentally friendly paper.)

utopia fodd pairingsThe theme of “Perfect Pairings”throughout the book compares the craft of design and print to that of brewing the perfect beer, making this guide of beer and food pairings a fun and rewarding end to an information packed resource.

Call your Field Paper Rep for your copy of “Perfect Pairings” and add this resourceful tool to your print and design library.